What makes Funcity so special is, as its name suggests, ample fun with family entertainment avenue and complete enjoyment for all. There are best choices to go for multiple types of gaming activities in the Fun City including riding and games such as Bumper Cars and Samba Balloon amongst other options to explore. Having been designed by the Dubai based retail giant landmark Group it is truly a Fun City with complete leisure concept. Families are provided with best avenues to experience the momentous occasion of spending quality time in the company of someone near and dear and so does it provide best chance to the kids for enjoyment options. One can play games through the use of the credit card system for that it is mandatory to at least get minimum Rs. 200 card credit. One can also enjoy private party with kids in the area designated for that purpose through paying the rates of Rs. 425/625/800 accordingly for the facilities of the commonest ones including the below mentioned ones:-

  • One ride of Play-zone for at least half an hour
  • Invitation cards
  • Meant for minimum 20 kids for a duration 2 hours decorated party area
  • The facility of return gifts
  • Option for add-ons for party purposes

Entertainment at Fun City

  • Tattoo
  • face painting
  • Mascot
  • Portrait Art
  • Caricature
  • Hair Braiding
  • Nail Art
  • Balloon Sculpture
  • Mehendi
  • Magic Show
  • Puppet show

Services Provided at Party

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Thorough balloon decoration
  • Décor for theme parties

Enjoy excellent food and drinks at Blu-O which remains an ultimate place to explore other unusual things like bowling activities. Opened from Monday to Sunday one can plan visits during its opening hours from 11 Am to 11 PM on those days. Furthermore, one can enjoy best movie watching option at the 8 screen PVR Multiplex that provides best of comforts in the recliner seats to movie watchers. Facilities like 3D screens and 2K digital projection system besides Dolby Digital Sound System make for an ultimate movie watching experience. HyperPVR cinemas 9Di are other entertainment avenues.


What will u experience in 9Di movie?


Other core explorations are 3D, Wind, Snow, Rain, Lightening, Smoke, Bubbles, Seat movement and Gun shoot on screen shows for great pleasure. Costing approximately Rs. 250 per person it is unique entertainment option of 15-20 minute movie shown to visitors that cover best of features expected.


Withdraw funds from the Citibank ATM located nearby if you run out of cash inside the mall’s 3rd floor area. It is located just nearby Funcity at its front area. Your fun time at Elante won’t discontinue here due to cash crunch as facilities are there to explore.

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